2019 GDRV National Rally

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019 to Friday, August 30, 2019

The Indiana rally will be here before you know it...MANY questions are answered in the recently released document "Frequently Asked Questions about the 2019 Grand Design Owners Rally in Indiana". 

Here is a helpful video that explains how a 50 amp RV can camp on a 30 amp circuit:

If you are interested in wanting to know what goes on at the Indiana Rally here are a few short video recaps of each day.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

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Pam & Red Beers
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Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds
17746 County RD 34
46528 Goshen , IN
United States
41° 34' 40.9728" N, 85° 48' 17.2116" W
Indiana US


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If you have any questions or need any help, please shoot us an email at this year's email address: elkhartrally2019@gmail.com

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We are interested in attending the 2019 Indiana rally. This would be our first rally. My question is, what is the cost to register for all the all events for all 4 days. We are planning on staying at the KOA in Middlebury 

Thank you,

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Hi,   Sorry for the slow response, I'm not use to looking at this new venue for communications, my apologies.   We are still working on costs and the details for the 2019 rally.  Everything will be decided and posted when we open registration the first part of April.   Meantime, may I ask why you want to stay at a different campground?  Camping will be available at the fairgrounds.   Please feel free to use our email address (elkhartrally2019@gmail.com) if I don't get back to you soon enough here...   Have a GRAND day!   txpb ~ Pam
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Come stay at the event. It’s a blast and great people to meet.
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Oh... you must stay at the Rally on the fairgrounds!! (I mean I HIGHLY recommend staying with the rest of us)  Registration opens today at 1PM EST. Have your VIN number handy as you will need it during the registration process. It is a great time!  We were first timers last year.  Going again this year.
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Put our name on the list, please.
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There isn't a "list".   Please watch for registration to open in April and be sure to sign up.  Meantime, if you have any questions, please send us an email at elkhartrally2019@gmail.com.   Have a GRAND day!   txpb ~ Pam
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Hi! We are planning to attend this rally. I’m curious about the amenities with regard to hook ups. Can you help with this information? Thanks Marlene 
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The fairgrounds has over 275 full hook-up sites with 50 amp, sewer & city water, 72 additional sites have 30 amp, water & electric only. For larger rallies like GDRV’s the fairgrounds sets up temporary 30 amp/water sites. 
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Pam,  last year we were told if we came together we would stay together. That changed. What are the plans for 2019? Also, if we want to go back to the infield, can we request that? Thanks. Great rally. 
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Hi Greg & Natalie!   Thanks for the great questions.  We are still working out the details for 2019. Stay tune…   Thanks for your patience.
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We are trying to plan our 2019 travels.  We attended our first rally ever - Colorado Rally at Salida last year and had a wonderful time.  We heard from some of the other attendees there how awesome the Indiana rally was.  We expect to be at Niagra Falls, Canada and the Northeast U.S. in the summer and be working our way back home to South Texas by the end of August.  Our plans need to include budgeting.  Can you please give me/us a ballpark idea of what costs (including full hook-up, 50 amp site for all 4 days at the fair grounds) will be.  I realize that the cost hasn't been set yet, but if you could at least tell us what it cost last year, we will have some general idea of how much it will be now.  We need this info before April in order to make our plans.   Thanks, Carol Tally Reflection 337 Owner
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The cost to attend the rally in 2018 was approximately $315 depending upon when you arrived.  Hope this helps, and we will look forward to meeting you in Indiana.  Meantime, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at elkhartrally2019@gmail.com.  
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Did the $315 include campsite and rally registration?
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Yes, Pam can correct me if I am wrong but I believe there are two pump-outs during the event that you can use to empty your tanks.
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That’s what we did in 2018, and while we are still working out all of the details for 2019, I imagine that will be very similar.
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  Hello, we are planning on attending the Rally in Goshen. I know the schedule is not complete, but wondering if the last day when everyone leaves is Friday (the last day posted) or Saturday (meaning there are events all day into the evening on Friday). Trying to make some advance reservations!  K Mears
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Great question, K Mears - There are events all day and into the evening on Friday.  Plan to pull out on Saturday, that way you won’t miss a thing.  If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  
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When can you arrive for the event?   My husband and I want to come to the rally. It would be our first one and maybe our first big trip in our Reflection. So looking forward to warmer weather and to learning more at the rally.    Kati
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Official Rally parking begins on Sunday. Earlier parking details are still being decided.
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Hello,  My husband and I definately plan on attending the rally this summer in Goshen.  Our only problem, is we are still looking for the fifth wheel because he won't be retiring until the summer of 2020.  If we borrowed someone else's trailer and it wasn't a Grand Design would we get ren off???  I'm not too concerned about that - I have two children who work at Grand Design and have their equipment.  They may want to come along, however.  Thanks, June Sheaks jsheaks@barnoll.com
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Hi June, Great question!  Rally attendees MUST be in an RV built by Grand Design.  
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This will be our first Rally with our recently purchased Solitude.  Does GD have service techs at this Rally for small problems?
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Yes, during the registration process there will be a link for you to submit up to 3 small repairs.  Keep your eyes open for a document that we are about to release “Frequently Asked Questions”, I think you will find it very helpful for your first rally.  Meantime, please do not hesitate to send us an email at elkhartrally2019@gmail.com if we can be of assistance...Pam
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 Sorry Bruce and Terry (aka the wine ppl )won’t be at the National Rally this year . I know someone will carry on the torch . I know everyone will have a Great time . We are staying local this year to our state of Michigan and will be at the Michigan Rally in May. Hope to see some of our good friends there .    Good time to those attending the Grand Design National Rally !!!
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You will both be missed! God be with you till we meet again...
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Sorry to hear you won't be our neighbors this year.   We will miss you.  Have fun at the Michigan rally!
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I know that rallies take a large pool of volunteers. We are that tye of people. When can we learn of the opportunities?
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Dalek20 that’s a great question.  Go to the top of this page and click on the link that takes you to this year’s Frequently Asked Questions.  You will find the answer to your question about volunteering and answers to a whole lot more.
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We will own GD by rally but do not yet have a VIN.  Will I be able to register without it?
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Please send an email to elkhartrally2019@gmail.com and let me know more details. You have to have a VIN# to register, but I may be able to help...Pam
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Hi Just wondering when preparing to register tomorrow (April 9th) -- apart for having our VIN#, what area we want to be in, etc, do we need to 'Log In' first?
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That's a good question, and I don't know the answer...I would try it both ways.
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How many days does my $330 pay for?
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When will registration open? Looking foreward to it.  
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It says closed, and it's only been 8 mins since it opened.  IS it already booked?
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I cannot find where to register for Indianna rally
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Link says April 9th 1 PM Eastern time.   Still not open. Maybe they meant Central Time?
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Hi guys, it is now officially 18 minutes after the official open time for registration. When is it going to officially open? :-)   G&V
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Please let us all know what's going on with registration...NOT OPEN yet? or all sites FULL?   Thanks!!
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When we click on the link to register for the rally, we get site not secure and can't register.  What is the problem?
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Still saying closed  
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I feel like I am trying to buy concert tickets! Hope the problem is fixed or registration opens soon.
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As the other comments, the site is unavailable and it still shows closed. When will this be open?
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Go through facebook, grand design owners, go to even and pull it up that way!!
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Go through facebook, grand design owners, go to even and pull it up that way!!
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the site is unavailable and it still shows closed. When will this be open?
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Go through facebook, grand design owners, go to even and pull it up that way!! Link is there