5 Easy Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home (No paint or renovation required!)

If I had to guess, I would assume you’re here because you’ve seen so.many.gorgeous rig makeovers on Instagram ... and maybe you even have a Pinterest board full of painted white RVs, covered in peel and stick wallpaper and faux subway tile. Also, you could be me, because I’m definitely that person too.

I’m here to give you hope and I’m here to assure you that you CAN absolutely make your rig feel like home — even without going to the extremes! So put the paintbrush down, and move those rolls of wallpaper in your Amazon cart to ‘save for later.’

Before I jump in with 5 easy ways to make your RV feel like home, let me share why I decided to write this post in the first place. I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t wish I had an all white rig with warm wicker and boho gold accents, because trust me … I do wish that I did. However, for us — it just doesn’t make sense right now. We purchased our 2020 Imagine 2670mk brand new in 2019, because we were new to full-time living, and wanted to increase any peace of mind with a new build and warranty. Because of this, we agreed (aka Jen “compromised”) that for the foreseeable future (aka until either the rig or Eric start to wear down) … that we would maintain the integrity of the interior as much as possible. And, so here we are.

Pillows are an easy, and affordable way to add a touch of “cozy” to your RV. Opt for a variety of tones and patterns to mix it up, and don’t limit yourself to only tossing pillows on sofas or beds. Adding pillows to any seating area, including your dinette bench, makes the space feel so much more inviting.

Depending on how you’re using your RV, linens not only add a bit of warmth to your space — they can also be a more sustainable solution to some of the other alternatives. Cloth napkins are just one example. I love to use cloth napkins because you can find them in so many different styles, they automatically dress up any table setting AND it keeps us from wasting one-use paper napkins. Of course, if you are boondocking or have limited ability to do laundry, then this may not be a practical solution for you. You can still mix and match other linens like tablecloths, comfy sheets that you actually love or beautiful Turkish towels.

No, I don’t mean to channel your inner Goonie (Goonies never say die!)… but I do mean that your RV is definitely the space for a few of your favorite, personal treasures. Bringing these elements into your decor will not only create conversation, but will also immediately make you feel more at home, being surrounded by items of sentimental value. In our RV, I made sure I had space for a wooden mallard that came from our parent’s home, two pieces of art that we purchased through travels, my singing meditation bowl and a hand carved gourd that I brought home from a special trip to Maui. Yes, you absolutely can (and should!) hang your favorite framed photos in your RV. Similar to the feeling and nostalgia you can get from bringing along your favorite personal treasures, nothing says “home” like framed photos of special memories. Most RVers opt to use Command Strips to hang most things, and I’ve successfully used them to hung a number of frames — from super lightweight to a heavy, vintage metal sign and a large 18x24 frame. Just be sure to wipe the surface clean with an alcohol pad, let dry and then use the appropriate sized Command Strips. I prefer to use the Velcro version, as they really seem to hold up well.

Sentimental ‘stuff’ aside, rugs are probably my favorite way to cozy the heck out of any space. Like throw pillows, I like to mix and match with different types of rugs. A good rule of thumb is to have one or two foundational colors (I like woven jute) and then add it color and patterns from there.

Cozy level = 100. Mixing Jute place chargers with dainty embroidered linen napkins, or mixing and matching your hand towels or bath towels are all easy ways to make your space feel well loved. Layering different types of textures is a great way to make use of items that you already have on hand, and amplifies the ‘lived in’ feeling of home.


How do you make your RV feel like home? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Originally appeared on stairsup_handlein's blog.