A thank you and shout out!

Good Morning All! This is going to be a little long but necessary to show the true love of GD! Yesterday my DH took our Solitude 5th wheel to the dealer to have the front cap examined (there is a small crack at the bottom and the cap is loose on 1 side). There just so happened to be a Grand Design mobile service tech there, Brian VanSciver, who was amazing at helping check out the issue. He did a "frame flex" test to make sure the frame wasn't compromised and he even offered to do a temporary fix until we can get the cap repaired/replaced, which he did not have to do as he was not there for our rig. He rescrewed the cap as the screws broke on the one side so that the cap was secured. We are going to the Indiana rally next month so it was a slight concern of ours. He also was on the phone with the service team in Indiana while taking many photos and sending emails.
I cant thank him and the team enough for helping us out as much as he did! He escelated our claim faster than we ever could have expected. THIS is the type of service that needs to be recognized and praised as he went above and beyond for us. I also want to thank Emily Stahley for reaching out to me during this to let me know a service tech was with our rig and was working on it to make it secure. #GDRV4life.

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On July 5 2019. I purchased my first Grand Design Reflections 311BHS. We just love it. It is so amazing the detail and craftsmanship in our Reflection. So glad that Scott Smyth at General Rv in Canton Ohio spoke so highly of the Grand Design. Again thanks for building a great R.V..