Owners explain what they love about their Imagine 2150RB

“The interiors are just beautiful.”

Carrie and Jerry went to an RV show and started going through hundreds of different of RVs to determine what they wanted and they just kept coming back to Grand Design.

“We said, ‘this is it,’” Carrie explained. “The roominess, the beauty. It’s so well built. It feels good. It feels like home.”

The Oregon couple selected an Imagine 2150RB. It’s average weight is 5,295 pounds with a hitch weight of approximately 427 pounds, allowing the 2150RB to hit the towing sweet spot for today’s medium duty trucks and SUVs. The Imagine 2150RB is 26 feet, 9 inches in length -- hitch to reach.

Among the features they liked were the size of the 30x36 shower which they said was bigger than their downstairs bathroom in their home. They were also big fans of the colors on the Imagine.

“They seemed to be more timeless than some of the other RVs that seemed to be more seasonal,” Jerry said.

“It’s going to last us,” added Carrie. “Just the classic design. Nobody can even come close to this. The interiors are just beautiful. It’s like living in a little condo. I haven’t found another brand that does it this well. You might pay just a little bit more but you are getting a lot more—so much more. Why wouldn’t you stick with what you know and you love.”

You can see the floorplan, photo gallery, 360 view and specs & features by clicking here.