Momentum's high ceilings & patio stand out for Pinto family

Tim and Vicky Pinto didn't start with a Grand Design RV but the more they went camping, the more they realized it was time to get one.

After all, their good friends they camped with had a GDRV Momentum Toy Hauler. Turns out their friends weren't the only ones sporting a Grand Design.

"Every time we went to a campground we saw a couple Grand Design owners and they would never be quiet about how great they were!" Tim explained with a laugh. "So a Grand Design was a no-brainer."

 Tim and Vicky had a travel trailer so going to a 5th wheel toy hauler was a big step for them. They haven't regretted it. It's been everything they could have asked for. The extra space has provided them the luxuries they can't even get in their house.

"At home we have 8-foot ceilings and in here we have 9-foot. My wife has always wanted a high ceiling house, so this is our 9-foot house," Tim explained. "We love the patio because we have pets and this way, they can be outside but still contained."

"The camper itself is well built, nice features inside. This is our first camper that has a generator and we didn’t think we would need one but wer'e kind of starting to like it. We have never had the auto leveling, and we love that. It is just way too cool to come in press a button and the rig takes care of itself."

Tim says he also appreciates the connection he's made with those that work at Grand Design RV.

"You guys are always easy to get ahold of, always real friendly, and customer oriented," Tim says. "Anytime you have good customer services, it makes everything so much easier and takes stress out of the equation."

Tim and Vicky have a Momentum 328M. You can so the whole lineup of Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers here: