Some of Our Grand Design Family Made the Newspaper!

Good morning GDRV Family. I am writing to first and foremost, say HI! I sure hope you are all holding up well during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We are doing well back here in Indiana. We are incredibly lucky to work for a company that truly cares about their employees, their families, and their health and best interest. While most, if not all of us are working from home, we are still scouring sites, emails and blogs just as we would during our office time to find cool content to provide to you. 

An email came in to my email box from Joe Hempel. We met while attending the Indiana National Rally in 2019.  He and his wife Michelle are full time in their Solitude and were approached by a local paper to discuss living life full time in a camper during the pandemic. 

I encourage you to read it and if you ever meet Joe and Michelle in your travels, pelase tell them I said hello!  Thank you for sharing Hempel Family! Be safe and stay healthy.

Joe and Michelle Hempel - Proud Solitude Owners