RV LIFE 2.0—Now with RV-Safe GPS Routing


Over eight months ago, the RV LIFE app was released for the first time. Whether you love using the RV LIFE app or this is the first you’ve heard of it, you’re in for a treat.

Thanks to the hard work of our development team, we’re proud to announce the latest version of the app—RV LIFE 2.0. With new and improved features, the app is designed to address the questions and concerns of our users. You might be wondering how this version of the app could possibly be better than the last. If so, you’re about to find out!

RV-safe GPS directions

Active RVers know the struggle of navigating to a campground while avoiding low clearances, bridges with weight limits, and tunnels with propane restrictions. RV LIFE 2.0 offers the perfect solution.

One of the biggest highlights of this version is the addition of RV-safe GPS directions—a turn-by-turn, voice-guided routing system customized for your vehicle. The app keeps track of the weight, height, length, and propane status that you enter for your RV and calculates the route accordingly, ensuring that you arrive at your destination as safely as possible.

It also provides lane guidance to prevent last-minute lane changes and real-time traffic updates. Many RVers purchase expensive GPS devices and endure the hassle of entering the coordinates of each stop on their trip, or hooking up the GPS to a computer and end up having to load firmware or syncing programs, only to be directed along a route that may not be RV-accessible. RV LIFE provides a simple, inexpensive alternative, available now on iOS devices.  Android GPS directions will be coming soon.


Offline access

One of the terrifying situations that RVers commonly find themselves in is losing cell service while navigating to a park in a remote location.

Although offline maps were already available to premium subscribers in the first version of RV LIFE, Version 2.0 comes with the addition of offline, turn-by-turn GPS directions!

Never again will you need to stress over internet access on the go! Plus, as long as you’re subscribed to RV LIFE Premium, you’ll receive free, automatic updates to your downloaded maps.

RV Trip Wizard companion

Another useful feature of RV LIFE 2.0 is the addition of the Trips tab that allows you to access RV Trip Wizard data from the app.

If you’re a member of RV Trip Wizard, you can now use your login information to sign in to RV LIFE, and the app will automatically sync to your trips created on the website.

The Trips tab allows you to easily get directions for your entire route using either offline RV-safe GPS, Apple Maps, or Google Maps—the choice is yours.

No longer will you need to worry about trying to import your trips into an external GPS. Instead, the app automatically loads your desired route into the app, including all stops and campground details!

If you have internet access, you can even modify your trip on the RV Trip Wizard website, and the app will automatically sync the changes you made. This feature is available in RV LIFE 2.0 on both iOS and Android devices.

The newest version of RV LIFE makes it easy for RVers to turn any imagined trip into reality. With cutting-edge routing software, offline usage, and RV Trip Wizard access, the app provides an entirely new level of trip-planning safety and convenience.

Whether you’re already an RV LIFE user or have yet to download the app, you’re sure to love this new and improved experience. Install version 2.0 today…then dream up an adventure and make it happen.

The new version of the RV LIFE App is available both on iOS and Android devices. A subscription is required to access some premium features.

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