Grand Design Factory Tour

We finally made it to Middlebury, Indiana to see the birthplace of our home on wheels! We were fortunate that Grand Design graciously allowed us to make a video of our visit, and even gave us a private behind-the-scenes tour of the Momentum line during production! We also took the standard (off production) tour, and it was pretty amazing to see the factory in both states. Grand design offers tours for each of their lines Monday through Wednesday at 2pm. While you might be able to do a walk-in tour, it's best to make a reservation (see link below).

The tour takes you through the entire build process from frame to PDI on completed rigs. Questions and comments are encouraged during the tour, and our tour guide (Jeff) was very knowledgeable. They do tours of each major line (Momentum, Solitude, etc.) separately, so if you want to see more than one line, plan on separate tours.

We also took a drive around the Heritage Trail, and took a tour of the RV Hall of Fame.

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