Are You Ready To Be A Winter Warrior

RV winter travel warriors turn cold weather into great RV travel.

Are you ready for winter? When Jack Frost begins nipping at your nose and Mother Nature is throwing snow, many of us want to hibernate under blankets in front of our fireplaces. Others decide this is camping weather, regardless. Are you a winter camping warrior, or would you rather save your travels for the sunny season? Reading these pros and cons of winter travel can help you decide.

Con: Wicked Wintry Weather

Mother Nature’s wicked tongue can lash you in many ways during the winter months. You may catch a chill while setting up camp or walking across the campground. If the nightly temperatures dip below freezing, you may find frozen water pipes in the morning. And when it comes to precipitation, you could face rain, snow, sleet, or ice during an off-season camping trip. Winter travel requires extra precautions to protect you—and your rig—from the weather.

Con: Dangerous Roadways

Precipitation and cold temperatures can make highway travel treacherous. Slipping and sliding may be fun on the ice rink, but they are not fun on the highway. Winter travelers must stay current on weather conditions as they hit the open road. Keeping food and water, warm clothing, and a well-packed toolkit in your rig is necessary in case you experience unexpected delays.

Con: Deficient Amenities and Services

While some campgrounds may stay open year round, winter travellers may find amenities and services lacking. The snack shack may have a closed sign dangling in the front window, and the shower houses may be locked up for the season. If you travel during the off-season, prepare for a no-frills getaway.

Pro: Campground Solitude

The hustle and bustle of campgrounds during peak season can be exhilarating…or exhausting. If you find the busyness tiresome, you will enjoy the campground solitude that accompanies winter travel. You may find only a handful of campers—if any—in the whole campground during the off-season. Relax by the campfire, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Pro: A Different Kind of Beauty

The lush landscapes of summertime are what most of us think of when we think of camping; however, winter has its own splendor to offer. Poet Robert Frost described the beauty of watching the “woods fill up with snow” on a dark and silent winter’s night, and you might experience this for yourself if you take a winter trip. Even without a blanket of snow, there’s something magical about watching a brilliant sunset over a sparse landscape.

Pro: Escape to Paradise

When the weather is bleak and dreary, who doesn’t dream of escaping to a sunny paradise? Winter travelers can leave Jack Frost behind and take their pick of many locales. Head to the warm deserts of the Southwest, or visit the sun-drenched beaches of the South. Just don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.

There’s no reason to leave your rig tucked away for several months out of the year. If you take the right precautions and plan ahead, an off-season getaway can be quite invigorating. Kick those winterization blues by becoming a winter travel warrior.

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This article originally appeared on Goodsam and was written by Kerri Cox