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This video is a bit of a departure from our usual. No fancy music or anything. Just all of the behind the scenes removing our Progressive Industries EMS and replacing it with the hard-wired surge guard unit.

This might be super boring for a lot of people, but we hope those that want to know more about the wiring will find it useful. If you'd like to see our review of the Surge Guard Total Protection options, see: changinglanesrv.com/rv-power-protection/


If you're not comfortable with AC wiring, don't know how to strip the ends of wires, etc., DO NOT INSTALL A HARD WIRED SYSTEM YOURSELF! Additionally, wiring it yourself might open you the possibility of a nullified warranty. Both the Progressive Industries and Southwire units have verbiage in the documentation stating that it should only be installed by a professional electrician or RV dealer. While this is likely a CYA situation on the part of the manufacturer, it is there in black and white.

Install at your own risk!

Full Blog Post HERE  https://changinglanesrv.com/hard-wire...
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  • Surge Guard 30A Portable Total Electrical Protection: changinglanesrv.com/ems-30-pedestal
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