Five Nonprofits You Can Support on Giving Tuesday

Once the turkey has settled in our stomachs and the last of the gravy has been scraped from our plates, it’s important to reflect not just on the things we are grateful for, but also the ways in which we can enact positive change.

That is the philosophy behind Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States: everyone has something to contribute toward building the better world we all want to live in, whether it is by making someone smile, helping a neighbor, or showing up for an issue we care about.

We know that RVers are some of the nicest people around, which is why we wanted to share some of our favorite nonprofits to support this Giving Tuesday.

1. Arbor Day Foundation

For the last fifty years, the Arbor Day Foundation has been leading the charge to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees on this planet that we call home. To date, they have distributed approximately 500 million trees. They operate under the philosophy that trees improve our communities and foster biodiversity. 

The Arbor Day Foundation not only distributes trees, but they also educate the public about the value of trees, such as cleaning our air, filtering our water, and slowing storm surge in our cities. Additionally, all trees, whether they are in a forest or an urban area, provide important habitat for wildlife, ensuring that ecosystems remain balanced. 

While some of us may observe Arbor Day as a celebration of trees on the last Friday in April, many states observe Arbor Day on different dates throughout the year based on the best tree planting times in their area. However, whether it is Arbor Day or Thanksgiving, you can appreciate trees anytime you go camping in your RV.

2. Best Friends Animal Society

If you are the type of person that always brings their dogs – or cats (seriously, it is entirely possible) – RVing, you might want to donate to help animals in shelters through a nonprofit organization like Best Friends Animal Society. 

As said by their tagline, Best Friend’s mission is to “Save Them All.” They are leading the no-kill movement by running lifesaving community programs for dogs and cats, providing support and training for animal shelters and rescue groups, and mobilizing community members on behalf of pets in need across the country.

As if that isn’t enough to support, they also own and operate an animal sanctuary tucked into the majestic canyons of southern Utah, where you can not only volunteer, but also go camping. They also offer pet-friendly accommodations where you can have a sleepover with an adoptable pet to see if they will be a good addition to your family.


3. The Honor Network

The Honor Network is an organization that transports The United Honor Flag across the country to honor America’s first responders and members of the U.S. armed forces, including law enforcement, fire, air, medical, and first-line workers. This network honors their service and sacrifice – those that are still serving and those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and safety. 

Their flag was originally gifted to the United States Honor Flag President and Founder, Christopher Heisler, after he was doing philanthropic work in Texas. He took a group of Texan first-responders to Ground Zero in October 2001 to attend a memorial to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. To thank him, the Texas House of Representatives presented him with the American and Texas flags. During that memorial service, Christopher left behind the flag for surviving family members, however, a survivor urged him to keep his flag to help keep the spirit of patriotism alive in America. 

Fast forward to today, and that flag has been across the country (and even around planet Earth) to honor hundreds of our fallen heroes.  

4. National Park Foundation

You are undoubtedly familiar with our country’s national parks; visiting them is one of the many reasons you own an RV. But did you know you can donate to help preserve these landscapes through the National Park Foundation?

The National Park Foundation is an apolitical, non-partisan, philanthropic organization focused on raising private funds to directly support America’s national parks. They are the official charitable partner of the National Park Service, enriching America’s national parks and programs through the support of private citizens, park lovers, stewards of nature, history enthusiasts, and wilderness adventurers just like you.

Their work focuses on promoting programs and projects that protect precious landscapes and wilderness, historical sites, and places of cultural significance across the United States.

The 400+ national parks managed by the National Park Service preserve 85 million acres of the world's most treasured landscapes, ecosystems, and historical sites. Your gift will help the National Park Foundation protect these treasured landscapes for generations to come.

5. The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a nonpartisan global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where both people and nature can thrive. With a grounding in rigorous science, they take innovative conservation approaches, scaling to achieve system change.

Their work aims to protect the biodiversity of our planet, not just for nature’s sake, but also for preserving the quality of life of people across the globe. Science determines where they focus and equity guides how they achieve lasting results. With decades of local on-the-ground experience, The Nature Conservancy maximizes their ability to affect change by bringing together real-world solutions, policy expertise, sustainable financing, and collaborative partnerships.

Your Giving Tuesday contribution can help create a better future, going towards efforts like planting trees, conserving wildlife, and restoring reefs, so that the places to which we choose to travel remain healthy and miraculous.

This Giving Tuesday, we hope you will take the time to support a charitable cause that you care about. Whether you want to protect nature, homeless pets, or the freedoms of our nation, our shared humanity and radical generosity has the power to make a difference.

What cause will you support?