They see me rolling…

Y’all… It’s official. You are looking at a couple of full-time RVers!

We made the move on July 3rd, 2020. We downsized from a 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom, 2,200 square foot home to a 240 square foot Grand Design Imagine travel trailer. Our goal in being full-time is primarily to explore what we want for our future, and to simplify our lives in a way that will help us focus on what’s truly important to us. July 3rd was the perfect date to make this change, as it is a special date in our hearts - the date we made our relationship official so (so…so) many years ago.

Our original move date was set for July 18th, but we were so diligent in knocking items off the to-do list that we managed to move the date up - not once, but twice. Looking back on this decision, I am so glad that we did! The 18th would have been the kick-off to our annual family camping trip to Georgia and let’s be honest… while it IS nice that we can take our ‘home’ on vacation, the truth is that we spent a full two days unpacking and that would have cut into our vacation time.

So, let’s talk moving day. Eric actually worked his 9-5 that day, while I finished packing the last of the groceries along with the little things we had put off to the last minute. This worked really well, because by the time he made it home from work - I was ready to load the Jeep and his truck, and hit the road. Our storage space was just down the road from our home, which made it super convenient while we were in transition. Recently, with the Florida summer rains - we noticed that the ground was flooding around our RV. We contemplated moving it from one space to another, but ultimately decided that since we would be moving it out all together, we would put it off. Let me tell you that we regretted that decision on moving day, when we pulled in to see a small lake surrounding the hitch.

Not only did we have to maneuver around the flooded waters, the sky was getting darker, and we started to spot lighting in the distance, as the storms were rolling in. Luckily, in the weeks leading up to our move - Eric spent a significant amount of time dialing in our towing experience, and this really came in handy as he was able to hitch up and roll out rather quickly.

While we won’t be hitting the road full time, our plan is to be stationary through at least March of 2021, and then go from there. Our original plan was to immerse ourselves into the area where we are interested in buying land, but we also have discussed the option to travel for a year and then pick back up the search for land. The one thing that we do know for sure is that how we spend the next 6 months will be critical to reaching either goal - on our terms.

So here we are! We are so glad that you stopped by. While we may be stationary, we will be sharing a variety of adventures - local to Central Florida and out of state vacation travel. We will also share some RV basics like maintenance, storage and decor (of course!) and what it’s like to live in an RV park full time. If any of that sounds absolutely riveting to you…then make sure you don’t miss a beat by signing up for our newsletter below.

This originally appeared on stairsup_handlein's blog.