Keep Your RV From Being Stolen While You Are Away


Many RVers are concerned about their RV being stolen from the boondocks while they are out exploring away from camp for the day.

As I have shared in past posts, you are highly unlikely to be a victim of crime in the boondocks as criminals are opportunists applying their trade where there is ample opportunity. Not much opportunity for them in the boondocks with RVers randomly spread out in the woods.

stolen Lock your coupler or use a coupler lock. Photos by author, Dave Helgeson

For my wife and I, our biggest concern relating to theft of our travel trailer is when we drop it along a stretch of highway while we enjoy a side trip in our tow vehicle to a ghost town or other out-of-the-way place in the middle of nowhere.

Who knows what criminal element might drive by, see our RV sitting on the side of the road and circle around for a closer inspection. Discovering it to be temporarily abandoned, it would only take a minute for a bad guy with a truck to latch onto our travel trailer and head down the road to points unknown.

Following are some methods you might use to make your RV harder to steal in your absence:

Trailer and motorhome owners can:
  • Run a chain through your wheels and suspension system padlocking the ends together. This will prevent your wheels from turning if someone tries to drive off with your RV.
  • Leave the jacks down, making the RV less mobile. I quite often put them down to level the RV to keep the refrigerator happy if we will be out exploring for hours.
Trailer owners may also consider:


Motorhome owners may also consider:
  • Using your power levers to raise the drive wheels off the ground.
  • Install a hidden switch that disables your ignition system.
  • Use a club or other device that renders the steering wheel useless.

Next time you worry about leaving your RV parked along a remote stretch of highway, in a campground, or in the boonies while you are away for the day, employing these tips will help ensure your RV is still there when you return. Because having your RV stolen is an adventure nobody wants to experience!

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