Here’s Why You Should Try A Food Tour


One of the benefits of RV living is being able to travel to different areas and explore what is offered there, whether it is the vistas, the climate, the lifestyle, the adventure, or the food.

Food tours are a fun way to explore a city, giving you a unique insight into the cuisine and culture of a town, as well as great places to eat.  A food tour (or culinary tour) is a professionally guided tour of local food and beverage establishments in an area.

Some tours include hands-on workshops, one-on-one with the chefs or restaurateur, area history or architecture, and new people to meet.  Food tours have become quite popular and are offered in many cities and towns around the world.

food tours A food tour at Pikes Market in Seattle (drukelly/Flickr) How to find a food tour

Websites like Taste Trekkers or Urban Adventures are places to start your search for a food tour in the town you may be passing through.

You may be able to narrow your search for specifics as well. How about a coffee tour of Seattle?  New Orleans Cajun cuisine?  A wine tour around Grand Junction?  A beer tour in Cincinnati?

What to expect on a food tour

Most food tours are done by foot through a specific neighborhood or area visiting local shops along the route, although some bus tours are available.

If you have mobility issues, be sure to ask about the level of activity or mobility accommodations that may be available.  Typical food tours are smaller groups (10-15 people) with 6-8 stops.

You will get plenty of food, and time to digest as you walk the area between stops.  At the first few stops, some people may think that the smaller portion sizes will leave them hungry, but by the end of the tour, you won’t want a big dinner!

At each stop, your guide will explain why that location was chosen, and a particular food or drink is usually showcased.  If that menu item isn’t to your liking, don’t worry—the next stop will be something different!

Between stops, your guide may explain how the cuisine fits into the city’s culture or provide information on the history of the town itself.

food tour Try the local cuisine wherever you’re traveling. Photo by Sarah Wu/Flickr

A good tour should provide you with an idea of what kind of food to expect. If you have dietary requirements, let your tour know at the time of booking so that they can accommodate you as best as they can.

Some tours or destinations may not be able to accommodate every dietary need, so be sure to ask before you buy your tickets.

Keep in mind that the time of day you take your tour may change what kind of stops and food are planned.  A lunch-time tour will often feature different food than an evening tour, and the ambiance of the city can change through the day as well.  Plan for a time of day that best suits your interests.

The cost factor

Food tours tend to be more expensive than other walking tours (around $35-$75 per person).  Price will vary based on the location, length, and type of tour you are booking.

You can sometimes find deals through Groupon or local travel sites.  Considering that you are actually getting a multi-course meal as well as an informative tour, and the smaller group size, you do end up getting your money’s worth.

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