The event formerly known as the 2020 Colorado Grand Design Owner's Rally

Event Date

August 6, 2020 to August 9, 2020

Contact Information

Wagon Master:
David Peal/ Jon Hamp
Contact Email:
[email protected]

Watch the Video Announcemnt:

Grand Design Rally 2020 Update

Based on the current Grand County restrictions, it would be impossible to provide events and gatherings as planned for the Rally and we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Rally this year. River Run will allow us to continue with current reservations as individual reservations if you would still like to come to Granby. River Run RV Resort has many amenities and there are local activities which are available to you if you decide to continue with your reservation.

We know you have some questions and we hope that the following FAQ will help.

1) If I want to keep my reservation, do I need to do anything?
No. You do not need to do anything, just travel safely and we will see you soon! River Run has graciously offered to honor your discounted camping rates in spite of the event being cancelled. If you're making a new reservation, just ask for the Grand Design rate and it will be honored (again, subject to availability.)
2) If I want to cancel my reservation, what should I do?
Please contact River Run at 970-557-0200.
3) Will I receive a refund for my Rally Registration Fee?
Yes. Your Rally Registration Fee will be refunded via PayPal to the email used in the registration process in approximately 2 weeks. The additional processing fees charged by the ticketing system are non-refundable.
4) What if I do not have PayPal to receive the registration fee refund?
PayPal is the preferred method to receive a refund. You can setup a PayPal account for free and once the money is available, you can transfer to the bank account of your choice without any additional fees. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
5) I do not have a reservation with River Run, can I still make a reservation?
Yes- maybe. New reservations will be subject to availability. Check availability and book online at:
6) What are the current Grand County COVID related restrictions?
The Grand County restrictions can be found here: Check out the “Quick Reference Chart” located on the right side for a summarization.
7) What activities and amenities will be available at River Run?
Currently they are planning to have normal resort activities available including live music on Saturday night, but all activities are subject to change depending on Grand County restrictions. The available activities can be found on River Run’s Facebook Page:
8) Will the Grand Design Technicians still be available at River Run?
Since the Rally is cancelled, there is no current plan for Grand Design Technicians to attend.
9) What if I pre-ordered something from a vendor?
The following vendors are still planning to come to provide the products and services you have requested. Each vendor will work with you individually to schedule delivery or installation of your purchase. Please contact the vendors directly with any questions:

-All Pro Water Flow – John Michel – [email protected] -
-Emergency Travel Evacuation Medevac Membership Insurance | SkyMed - Rita Sax [email protected] -
-MORryde - Brendan Aukerman - [email protected] OR 574 293-1581 ext. 1295
-Performance Trailer Braking - [email protected] OR 405-626-7009
-RV Airflow Systems – OR 574-536-4949
-THIA by Proteng RV Fire Protection - JC Mooney - [email protected] OR (916) 995-2386

10) Can I still schedule to have my camper washed & waxed at River Run?
No. River Run will not allow washing and waxing of any vehicles within the resort due to environmental concerns.
11) What about my t-shirt order?
The current t-shirt order will be cancelled with CustomInk and all payments refunded. However, we have a new T-Shirt available to order! Get your unique “COVID Can Kiss My HITCH!” T-Shirt here: act fast as orders will ONLY be taken until July 19th. You will pay online and choose to ship your T-shirts to yourself or to us. If you ship to us we will give you your items at River Run on the weekend of Aug 6-8 (ONLY choose this option if you are coming to River Run that weekend!)
12) Do we have to wear a mask while in public at River Run?
River Run is required to follow the Grand County restrictions and the latest information can be found here:
13) Can we still gather with our friends while camping at River Run?
You can gather with other people at your individual campsite based on your comfort level but please review the current restrictions (link above) and comply with the restrictions. Please be conscious of the folks camping near you and follow River Run’s RV Resort Rules and Regulations.

River Run wishes to provide us all the best experience possible and will do everything in their power to make your stay a safe and enjoyable one while abiding by the current Grand County restrictions.

The Peal’s and the Hamp’s plan to keep their reservations and look forward to seeing you if you decide to proceed with your reservation for August 6-9!

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,

Your Colorado Grand Design Wagonmasters

The Fourth Annual Colorado Grand Design Owners Rally will be held August 6-9, 2020 in Granby, Colorado. The video below outlines the details of our rally location and registration process. Click the TicketTailor link to begin the registration process. Have your RV's VIN ready. It, along with the confirmation number for your site at the rally, are requirements to complete the registration!

Please email the resort for a site, they are not equipped for the influx of phone calls during the off season! 

Join us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest rally news!

Event Location

Granby , CO 80446
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