2021 Grand Design RV National Owners Rally

Event Date

August 31, 2021 to September 3, 2021

Contact Information

Wagon Master:
Red and Pam Beers
Contact Email:
[email protected]

Thank you for your support over the last week.  On 6/10 we announced that “we do not have enough spots to accommodate everybody that wishes to register and that we would be transparent with new information”. When registration for the rally opened, we had just over 500 spots available. When the PayPal incident occurred 396 had successfully completed their order (in 14 minutes), leaving us with approximately 104 sites unsecured and floating around in cyberspace.  Over 750 people that we are aware of are still trying to get a site. 

Moving forward, approximately 100 folks will be contacted to fill the unfilled sites from the original 500.  It is NOT necessary to contact us.  If you have not seen an email from us by Friday, June 18, your wait is over.

We appreciate the support, prayers and love offered over the last week, and we look forward to moving to the next step of rally preparation.

Red & Pam Beers

[email protected]

Rally Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Event Location

Elkhart County Fairgrounds, Goshen Indiana
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How do I register for this event. 

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Re: Golf at the National Rally

Glad to hear it's a tentative Go, and we're planning on being there if we've both had our vaccine shots by that time. So, yes we'll organize the golf outing on the Monday. Probably with a 10:00 tee time. I'll work that out with the course when they reopen in the Spring. I'd saved my contact info so hopefully the same staff person is still employed there.
Being the initial golf outing we're thinking to keep it simple. A scramble format, 4 person teams, shotgun start if the course allows us that.
I'm not going around hustling for prizes. If GD wants to contribute something, great. Other than that winners get bragging rights and a round of applause at the Tuesday announcements.
Tom & Nancy Funtsch


Quote Originally Posted by el Rojo

Hi Tom,

Just circling back to this for this rally. As of now we are planning a go, final decision will be made in June before registration starts. What are your thoughts on this?