2019 Mid-Atlantic Grand Design Owner's Rally

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 to Monday, October 14, 2019

After setting the record for the largest private-owner hosted GD rally (201 units, nearly 500 people!) in 2018, we are going to go bigger this year and make it even better!

The Grand Design Mid-Atlantic 2019 rally will be October 9-14, 2019 at the beautiful Resort at Massey’s Landing in Millsboro, Delaware!

We are in the process of building out an even better event than last year!!

  • Gorgeous RV Resort – The Resort at Massey’s Landing (http://masseyslanding.com)
  • Local event opportunities: shuttles to local beaches and tax-free outlet shopping, on-site boat launch with available group boat cruise, site sponsored craft sessions, and more
  • Seminars from experts and travelers like ourselves on topics such as fire safety, brake maintenance and upgrade, and more
  • Social events for you to meet others and build new friendships!
  • Special guest speakers, vendors, and more!

We will be adding more information as it is completed, so stay tuned for updates as things progress!

** Please note ** Reservations at Massey’s Landing are limited to current owners of Grand Design RV’s at time of the event, vendors, and sponsors. If you would like to attend and are not one of these groups, you are welcome to stay wherever is most convenient for you. You will need to purchase a Walk-In ticket.

Curious about what happens at Rally? Grand Design Lifestyle Ambassadors the Getaway Couple created this great video thiat gives you an inside look at what happens at an RV Rally. Take a look and if you have any questions be sure ask them below in the comments section.

2018 Rally Recap:

It was another great year at Massey's Landing for the largest Grand Design Owner's Rally outside of the National Rally held in Indiana. Just take a look at all the fun.


We completed the contract with Massey's to once again have our rally under palm trees, October 9th - 14th, 2019.

We are taking a break, now that the contract is secured, to catch our breath and get the paperwork and whatnot done (including the post-event survey). More details will come once we work through them, but we did not want to leave you all hanging. You will get first crack at the site you had this year, but the process will be slightly different (don't sweat it, I'll give everyone the full rundown once that process is figured out).

The good news is that we have a number of positive changes already in flight, and will announce them soon.

Participating Dealership: 
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Wagon Master: 
Bob Perciaccante, Gary and Alicia Pennick, and Ed Kilburn
Event Contact Number: 
(443) 856-4141
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The Resort at Massey's Landing
36625 Long Neck Road
19966 Millsboro , DE
United States
38° 37' 33.6396" N, 75° 6' 5.9076" W
Delaware US


dalm55@live.com's picture

#get away game. Great video, very helpful!! Thank you.

dalm55@live.com's picture

I'm with you till the end!! # get away game. Great video and very helpful!! Thank you!!


Limericc23's picture

I can't believe that we book the entire campground when they are not busy and they up our group rate by $12.00 a night.  I had planned to stay 12 days again next year but NOT at that price. My spot will most likely be open for someone else.  Not a happy camper right now.

bob_p's picture
Sorry to hear that, Crystal.  We already get almost 60% off the regular rates, but it is not a cheap place to begin with.  Hope you guys decide to come back!  
Gone Whalen's picture
Hi, Do we just contact the campgrounds to make a reservation or do we reserve through Grand Design?
Gone Whalen's picture
Will we receive an email to notify us when registration is open?
Beaumark's picture
Please contact me when registration opens.
pettittm's picture
We really want to attend our first rally,  please let me know what I have to do to make it happen.
Kevin.hobson's picture
How will notifications for sign-up be distributed?   thanks!  
Gone Whalen's picture
We are wondering the same thing. This will also be our first rally.
Davepyle21811's picture
Please let me know when registration will open. Thanks
Thunker's picture
Is this marked as "closed" because it's full?  Or has it not been opened yet?
Ekellyjr123's picture
We will be picking up our Grand Design trailer next week. Want to attend our first Ralley inOctober 2019 in Millsboro, DE. Tried to book on line but shows dates closed. Is there a special code needed to book a site, is booking not open yet? This will be our first Rally and hope someone can tell us how to book.   Thank You in advance.
JHAirForce05's picture
Any update on this rally?  Is it full or just hasnt been opened yet?  Thanks
jhunker's picture
We would  like to attend, how do you get on the waiting list?
jhunker's picture
We would  like to attend, how do you get on the waiting list?
sadiemarie's picture
We would love to attend this rally, how do we get on the list or get invited.
Kevin.hobson's picture
Morning   Is the rally full or not yet open for registration?  it looks like a number of folks have the same question. THANKS!  
Cydboone62's picture
I have the same questions.  Is anyone from GD going to answer?
dtm222's picture
Looking forward to attending our first Rally in October 2019 in Millsboro, DE.
DERhomsen's picture
Hey there how do we get on the list for rally?
InagineGoGo's picture
I attended last year's rally. I was expecting registration to open on 4/1. I expect there will be a special number to call at Massey's to get your site for the Rally. There may only be a dozen sites left as all who attended last year were given a chance to pre-book for this year's rally. Except for the seasonal sites, the whole campground is reserved for the Rally and thus cannot be booked through Massey's normal online reservation system.
Tomar's picture
Please respond to those of us asking the question regarding when/if Registration will be open or how to get on the wait list. Thanks
jyork08854's picture
Try calling the campground.  
bob_p's picture
I don't frequent this site, so I did not see the comments here - sorry!   Registration for the event is OPEN, with all the details on our site at http://gdmarally.eventbrite.com!
Thunker's picture
I have left the Event Coordinator at Massey's Landing two messages and have called several other times with no answer.  Is there something else I should do?
bob_p's picture
Did you call this number? (443) 856-4141 - we have our own person, and since she is one person, just give her a call back.   As of last week, I believe we were already working on a waiting list, all 200 sites are just about full.  This is not unusual, and changes happen all the time, so when a site opens up, we will call the next on the list.   Bob