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Over the years, Grand Design has become well-known for making some of the best RVs in the world, and for our support of our family of owners in the broader RV community. Now, Grand Design is investing in a major research initiative to better understand our current owners and THEIR needs, as well as the needs of future owners. Your feedback is incredibly important to us and will help us improve upon and create your ownership and camping experiences with our products, services, and community. We hope you'll share your perspectives and opinions so we can continually refine and improve upon the whole RV experience.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. It's being conducted by an independent research firm, and it's completely anonymous -- your data is private and will never be shared individually with us or anyone else.

If you complete the survey by March 6, 2020, you can enter to win a drawing for a $250 Visa Cash Card as our thanks. Rules of the contest can be found here:

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