8 Insanely Easy RV Mods That Take Less Than An Hour


RV mods and upgrades don’t always have to take weeks or months. These simple ideas from iRV2 members should only take you about an hour or less and they’ll make a huge difference.

1. Get rid of odors with a holding tank vent RV mods Camco Cyclone. Photo via Youtube Average time: 10-20 minutes

These holding tank vents can be attached to your RV’s plumbing vent to get rid of black tank odors. They rotate 360 degrees and use the power of the wind to draw the smells up and out. Installation only takes about 10-20 minutes using silicone or roof sealant. No drilling needed!

2. Upgrade your showerhead RV mods Oxygenics Showerhead. Photo via iRV2 member Msbehavin Average time: 10-20 minutes

Swapping out your RV’s showerhead with an aftermarket option will give you longer, nicer showers. The Oxygenics BodySpa showerhead uses less water and has a better water pressure than the standard factory-made showerheads. They can be installed in only 10-20 minutes using a screwdriver and some Teflon tape.

You can read more about the Oxygenics showerheads on Do It Yourself RV.

3. Replace your RV’s door lock RV mods Electronic Door Handle – Photo by iRV2 member LBZYA Average time: 10-20 minutes

With a keyless touchpad lock, you won’t have to worry about taking your keys or fob while you’re out for the day; the door can easily be unlocked with a 4-digit pass code. The locks can be installed in only 10-20 minutes without any wiring.

They’re available for travel trailers and motorhomes and powered by AA batteries. Read more about upgrading your locks in this RV Life article.

4. Use Command Hooks to hang things around your RV RV mods Command Hooks. Photo by iRV2 member dkingpt Average time: 1-5 minutes

You can mount almost anything in your RV with Command Hooks. The brand makes small, medium, and large utility hooks, as well as a wide assortment of other hanging strips.

The durable large hooks can hold up to 5 pounds, meaning you can use them to not only hang towels but also lightweight baskets on the wall for extra storage. Check out our post here for more ideas on how you can use Command Hooks around the RV.

5. Add a screen door opener Camco Screen Door Opener. Photo via Amazon Average time: About 5 minutes

If you have the type of RV that requires you to open the slide to open your screen door, then you’ll love this inexpensive fix. You will need to drill a hole in the small sliding door, but aside from that, installation is a breeze and can be done in a matter of minutes. The openers are less than $5 on Amazon.

6. Mount a wire rack to hold magazines, brochures, receipts, etc. RV mods Magazine rack. Photo by iRV2 member LAC Average time: About 5-10 minutes

Mount a wire rack on the wall or anywhere you have open, usable space. They can hold magazines and books, as well as important papers, brochures, campground maps, receipts, and other documents that you would like to keep organized.

7. Swap out your door window RV mods Upgrade your RV door window. Photo via Thor Forums/Tom N3EQF Average time: About 20-45 minutes

If you’d like to be able to see out your camper’s door window, it’s fairly easy to replace the existing window with this tinted one from AP Products. It also comes with a sliding shade so you can block out the sun as needed.

8. Add a battery-operated wall lamp RV mods LED wall light. Photo by iRV2 member LAC Average time: About 5-10 minutes

These LED lamps can easily be stuck on the wall using 3M wall tape. iRV2 member LAC shares, “I like to sit back on the side of the dinette cushions with my back to the rear large window and read…this is a great lamp. Flexible arm.”

You could also use these lamps anywhere you need extra light, like in the bathroom or under cabinets.  Since they only require AA batteries, no wiring, drilling, or power is needed.

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