5 Important Things To Look For In An RV Show


It seems like there is an RV show about every weekend this time of year. How do you know which one you should attend?

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The following are five things you should look for when deciding what RV show to attend this season.

1. First off, is it really an RV show?

Some events billed as an “RV show” are really just a parking lot sale put on by a single RV dealership. While they may list lots of different brands in the advertising, be aware that not all the brands listed may be new RVs they are licensed to sell by the manufacturer.

Many times dealers may mislead the public by also listing the used brands of RVs they are selling at their “RV show”.  At one dealer “shows” you won’t find the large selection of new RVs that you would at a real RV show with multiple dealers.

Most of all, there is no competition between dealers assuring you are getting a fair price.

2. Is the show produced by a private promoter or an association comprised of local RV dealers?

Private promoters are in the RV show business primarily for the money. The money they collect from you at the gate and the money they collect from the dealers to exhibit.

If they aren’t making a profit producing RV shows they will either produce another event in the venue or move on to a different city where they can.

On the other hand, RV shows produced by a dealer-owned association are there to showcase the RV industry, lifestyle and all it has to offer with the goal of providing show attendees an educational and positive experience and if they are lucky, cover their show costs while doing so.

In other words, dealer-owned shows typically provide more bang for less money.

3. Size matters

Going to shows with the most dealers equates to more manufacturers, more brands, and a larger selection of each brand. Go to the show’s website and determine how many dealers will be exhibiting.

4. Manufacturer representatives

Just like you have to decide which RV show to attend, so do factory representatives. Once again, larger shows with more dealers are much more likely to attract factory representatives for the brands you are interested in.

Factory representatives are a great information resource as they typically know the models and manufacturing process much better than the dealership’s salespeople.

RV show

5. More than RVs

What else does the show offer besides hundreds of shiny new RVs? Look for shows that also feature educational seminars and exhibits as well as opportunities to learn more about RVs and places to explore.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the right RV show leading you to many future adventures in RVing!

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