Winter Wash-down Update

Refresher on how important it is to care for your GDRV Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel when exposed to road salt, liquid de-icer, or even a salty air/water climate.

Here in Indiana, the State Truck is the Salt Truck!  Since the majority of campers are built here, they run the risk of being exposed to road salt or liquid de-icer chemicals when built in months from October - April (sometimes before and after these months!). 

If you have to travel at all during winter, or if you are located near a salty climate (close to oceans) you will want to ensure that you wash down your camper regularly. This includes any and all parts that are exposed. Nuts and bolts, steps, frames, sidewalls, axles, pinboxes, A-Frames, ball couplers....  So many things that can be exposed!  By regularly washing down (every few weeks) you will preserve the life of your investment. 

Need to know what to use?  It is easy!  Fill a bucket with warm water. Add some dish detergent and create a soapy/sudsy mixture. Take a soft bristle scrub brush (one you would use for your automobile) and scrub away!  Be sure to rinse the soap mixture off completely with a hose and clean fresh water. Let it dry naturally. If you are worried about streaking, you can follow the steps in your owner's manual on how to properly wash and clean/wax your exterior.

Stay Warm GDRV Family!