Why RVs Are The Best Way To Revenge Travel


Why RVs Are The Best Way To Revenge Travel

Just about everyone in the world has had their 2020 vacations, trips, and travels canceled or disrupted in some way. The frustration of upset plans and months of lockdown has brought about a new and very descriptive term—revenge travel.

What is revenge travel?

The term was coined by the state media in China. It describes an excessive amount of travel or splurging on travel after months of lockdowns caused by COVID-19. People feel they have been deprived of their long-awaited trips and plan to take advantage of any trip they can have or afford despite any virus concerns.

Revenge travel has also hit the U.S. RV market like a freight train. According to the RV Industry Association, the last few months of 2020 have seen the largest increase of RV sales since 2018. Many RV dealers can barely keep their rigs in stock.

RVs are the safest way to travel

The appeal of RVs are undeniable. They enable people to see their country and visit beautiful areas in relative safety and without getting on a plane. RVs come with their own beds and most come with bathrooms, so there is no need to check into a hotel or visit a gas station bathroom.

In addition to safety concerns, there are other benefits of getting an RV in 2020. Consequently, buying an RV is cheaper than ever. With rock bottom interest rates, getting a loan allows buyers to buy larger and brand new RVs. According to Forbes, these loans can be either traditional RV loans or personal loans.

Purchasing an RV isn’t the only way to revenge travel. The RV rental market is also booming and is great for people who don’t currently own an RV and want to try a few different options out before they buy. Companies such as RVShare and RVezy enable RV owners to rent out their rigs to travelers who want to see a specific area or try out a specific type of camper or trailer.



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So, how will RV travel change due to the new influx of RV aficionados? What does the future of RVing looking like for all of us? We have a few predictions based on what is happening now and the effect of more RV lovers on the road.

More RV camping options will be available

Due to the massive increase of interest in RV camping trips, national and state parks will fill up more quickly than ever before. However, there are also more camping and boondocking opportunities opening up. From land-sharing sites such as Boondockers Welcome to memberships and private campgrounds, the choices are growing.

Anyone new to camping may head right for the classic Class C. They may not realize that there are so many different types of RVs available. From converted vans and school buses to teardrop trailers and pop-up truck campers, there are many ways to see the country.

Manufacturers are coming up with new ideas and lighter materials faster than ever. Importers are bringing European and Japanese campers into the U.S. Some people are even coming up with their own designs and selling plans and kits online.

If you revenge travel, find a more secluded campsite like this. Photo by HipCamp

Dispersed camping rules may change

Dispersed camping is free camping available on public lands. This type of camping can mostly be found in the western U.S. and some grasslands in the Midwest. Normally the length of stay is 14 days.

However, due to the popularity of this type of free camping, this may change in the future. Some federal agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management are already changing the length of time you can camp in some of the more beloved locations.

The cost of RVs will go up

According to Camping World, the average price for a used RV at their locations has gone up 9 percent this year. The average price for a new RV has gone up 8 percent. The demand for RVs as more people revenge travel, and the lack of inventory, will continue to fuel the increase.

So, if you are a new RV buyer, taking a deep breath and doing a little research first will help with the purchase. Put money aside for a future RV and keep your mind open for alternatives to the largest RV you can afford. If you already own an RV, thank your lucky stars and earn some extra money by renting it out.

Purchasing RV lots in different locations will become more popular

People who own an RV and regularly travel to different locations may get a little tired of having to make reservations and battle the extra traffic on the road. Purchasing an RV lot in a private campground or a rural lot may become a lot more popular as more people revenge travel.

Owning your own lot will guarantee that you have a place to park your RV in your favorite location. These lots can also be rented out for extra cash. Lots can be purchased for a wide range of prices from sites such as RVParkStore or LOTFLIP.

revenge travel

RV lots will become more popular as more people revenge travel. Photo via RVParkStore

Campground reservations will need to become more sophisticated

Some online reservation systems and services do a fine job and are great to work with. Sites such as Recreation.gov and Campground Reviews make searching for and reserving a campsite a breeze.

Some campgrounds, such as RV Self-Park, offer contactless reservations and check-ins. This type of online ease and no contact may need to be adopted by other RV parks and campgrounds in the future.

In addition, with more people living and working from the road, any campground that doesn’t offer free WiFi and extra security may be left behind in this new world of RVing.

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