In today's episode we cover a bunch of common RV mistakes that we've seen during our 18 months on the road and ways we've learned to avoid them. Learn about everything from how to look over a new campsite to safe ways to level and secure your RV. We also go over a lot of the equipment we use for hooking up to campground water, sewer, and electric hookups and share a few tips on how to establish a routine for setting up camp safely.

Whether you're brand new to owning an RV or have been camping for years, you're sure to learn something useful!

Links mentioned in this episode:

How We Set Up Camp:
Surge Guard:
Anderson Levelers:
Lynx Levelers:
X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers:
Zero-G Hose:
Water Filters:
Water Pressure Regulator:
Two Way Y Hose Connector: