Boost Your Mobile Internet! | weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cellular Booster

While we'd gotten by without a booster for several months traveling all over the East coast to Maine and back in 2018, it wasn't without issues. After testing the booster for the last few months, we now know it's something we should have had all along.

What is a booster?

A cellular booster is a fairly straight forward device. It simply takes the cellular signal from outside the RV (any major carrier), passes it through an amplifier, and rebroadcasts it inside the RV. It does this amplified rebroadcasting in both directions. The end result is a much stronger cell signal in both directions. There's a catch, though: 

A cellular booster only does all of this awesome boosting on a single channel, which means it can degrade your data performance as much as improve it depending on the situation.

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