20 Must-Haves When RVing With Your Dog



20 Must-Haves When RVing With Your Dog

There’s nothing like taking your fluffy best friend with you on an RV trip. Every adventure is better with your best buddy! If you’re planning on RVing with your dog, there are some basic essentials that you should make sure you take along to keep your pup happy and healthy along the way. 

Dog safety

Keeping your pup safe is paramount. Not only will they be hanging out in a moving vehicle, but there will most likely be opportunities for them to get lost or sick.  To keep your dog as safe as possible, consider taking the following items along with you: 

  • Dog crate: Keep him contained when you need to step out. 
  • Doggy seatbelt harness: Keep him safe and strapped in when moving. 
  • Safety/ID Tag: Make sure it has your personal details on it. 
  • Vet’s details: Carry your own information or those in the area in which you’re traveling. 
  • First-aid stuff: Make sure you can treat wounds and doggy illness. 
  • Ramps: Make it easier for your dog to get in and out of the RV. 


Dog comfort

Your pooch needs to be comfy too! RVing with your dog is no fun if your pup is cranking and irritable. Take these comfort items with you to keep him feeling warm and fuzzy inside and out: 

  • Dog bed: Give him a comfy, warm spot of his own. 
  • Blanket: He’ll stay warm when the temperature drops. 
  • Your dog’s brush: Keep him pretty and give him some attention. 


Food & water  

Of course, your pet needs to eat and drink too! When packing food for your dog, think about the entire day. It’s easy to forget those teeth cleaning treats you give at bedtime and keep in the freezer. Make sure you have: 

  • Dog food: Bring a large enough supply for your trip. 
  • Fresh water: He’ll need a constant supply to quench his thirst. 
  • Travel bowls: These take up very little space. 
  • Treats: Reward him when he’s a good boy or if needs some security. 
  • Medicine: Don’t forget any permanent or temporary doggy meds you may need on the road.


RVing with your dog

Remember to give your dog a break now and then.

Fun time

Pups need stimulation and exercise on a daily basis. Don’t forget to include some playtime in every day that you are on the road RVing with your dog. 

  • Leash: You’ll need one at many campgrounds, on trails, or when you’ve stopped in a walkable spot. 
  • Your pup’s toys: Keep him busy while you’re driving. 
  • Interactive toy: Consider getting a puzzle toy to keep his mind active. 


Cleaning your pet

Remember, you’ll still need to clean up after your pup. In some places this is law, so you can never be too careful. It’s a good idea to carry: 

Don’t forget break time when RVing with your dog

Don’t forget to stop for regular bathroom breaks! You may normally be able to hold it for several hours, but the sensation of moving and extra vibration in the RV or truck might change that. You can use a tool like RV Trip Wizard to find Rest Areas ahead of time so you can plan for those stops in advance.

One thing we haven’t mentioned on this list is your time. Part of having your pup with you on the road is bonding! Take time every day to play with your dog—not only are you making his day, but you’re also helping him get some exercise after being cooped up in a vehicle all day. 

RVing with your dog can be an amazing, fulfilling experience. Being prepared is the most important thing, for your safety and sanity, and theirs! Happy RVing! 

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