Wagonmaster Rewards

For most people, the thought of being a wagonmaster for a Grand Design owners rally is intimidating. They might think there is no way can they pull one off. Let me tell you...it is SOOOOO worth it! Why? The people that you will meet. 

That is the main reason I wanted to become a wagonmaster. The people. I really enjoy meeting other Grand Design owners, especially when we are are gathered together sharing our experiences, trips, tips and modifications. 

Our first rally was the Southern Oregon rally in May 2017. Jeret and Jenn Burnett were the hosts and let me say, we had a blast! It was simply awesome seeing row after row of Grand Designs. The people that we met were welcoming and friendly. We kept hearing people say we need a rally up in Washington. Well, George and I were having tons of fun and we live in Washington so we thought "why not?" Next thing you know we were announcing the first annual Washington State Grand Design Owners Rally!

I will be honest - it was a lot of work, especially for the first time around. We had a learning curve but other wagonmasters are there to help guide you. Plus, the support from Grand Design is terrific. They are making it even better for future wagonmasters by providing you information on what Grand Design will help you with. They do not run your rally - you do! However, they are there to support you in many ways. Not only that, other owners are willing to pitch in and help at your rally. You are not alone in hosting. We truly are one big Grand Design family.

Once our rally started, all of the efforts that were put into it were paying off. George and I finally got to put faces to names and we had the most awesome time! Yes, I put lots of steps on my FitBit that weekend. I was running around overseeing seminar and event setups but I also got to talk to just about everyone there. I think I smiled most of the weekend, even when I was tired. 

Sure, we had a few hiccups along the way, but it was still fun and we decided to come back and host again. We learned a lot and are still learning from our mistakes, but I won't let those mistakes keep me from doing what I enjoy. That is meeting other Grand Design owners. Plus, seeing that Grand Design service trailer going around the rally helping owners is a pretty sweet sight. 

If you are on the fence about hosting a rally - do it! Start small. Don't think you need a huge rally. It does not have a to be a big production. Pick a weekend, plan a potluck, and have fun sitting around a campfire with fellow owners. Our wagonmaster group is there for you. Grand Design is there for you! If George and I can host a rally, you can do it, too!