Testimonial Tuesday: Solitude 310GK

Larry & Pat of Washington are Grand Design owners and big fans of their Solitude 310GK.

"There is very little that we don't like about the Solitude," explained Pat. "Everything we wanted is in this."

She says a king sized bed and having a ton of windows was a big selling point for her.

"We wanted to be able to see out all around," she said.

The couple has lived in the unit full-time for a period including one stay for three months straight. They say they lived through fluctuating temperatures that ranged from hot & cold and their unit did a great job handling the changes. Larry added that he enjoys the leveling system and the kitchen.

"I really like the fact that it has a really great kitchen because I like eating and it makes my wife really happy," Larry says.

Overall, the experience has been one Larry & Pat have enjoyed greatly, from every angle.

"Grand Design has been phenomonal with their followup with us. I'm really happy with how they've dealt with us."

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