Testimonial: So happy with Grand Design that it's time to full-time

Dean and Stacia Varga have enjoyed their experience as Grand Design owners so much that they will soon be full-timing in their GDRV.

The Vargas will trade in their 2018 Reflection 337RLS for a Solitude 375RES in the coming weeks.

"The reason for the change is not that we don't love this," Stacia said referring to her Reflection. "But for the full-time lifestyle--a little more room, a little homier, a little more space and we have three dogs. So this has been great but we want to more space to full-time."

Dean & Stacia certainly did a lot in their 16 months as Reflection owners, visiting 23 states in 2018 alone. In total, they traveled around 13,000 miles.

"This year we are going to go to not as many states," Stacia explains. "We are going to stay longer in fewer places. Our first stop is Pensacola, Florida right on the beach. Literally step out and put our toes on the sand and then we are going to work our way up the Adirondacks in New York and be in the Mountains. We’ve just taken it from the dessert to the mountains to the beaches. It’s fantastic."

We met up with Dean & Stacia at the Las Vegas Grand Design Owners rally in mid March. Las Vegas is their hometown.

"This is our 2nd rally," Dean explains. "We love the rallies. This is the best thing they could do. We learn a lot from the rallies."

"We are big fans of Grand Design," adds Stacia. "Meeting other owners of other unit and the one thing that’s really fascinating and a really good testament to Grand Design is that everyone loves their unit. It’s nice to compare notes. Everyone has those things that are special, the one thing that they really really want. It’s nice that there is something for everybody. We have what we love."

For Stacia and Dean, it's not just the community that makes Grand Design special but the product too.

"It’s just good quality," Stacia says. "I feel good with it. In our last unit that we had that was not a Grand Design, you could just tell-- cheap material, cheap quality. I just feel like this is more of a home for us. I don’t have a shabby home, I don’t want a shabby RV."

They even took a trip out to Indiana to take a factory tour at Grand Design last year.

"To see how they are manufactured is really interesting," Stacia says. "The fact that Grand Design lets us see behind the scenes."

Stacia says they enjoyed meeting members of the Grand Design team on the tour. Another big selling point for the Vargas are the Facebook groups.

"The way people help each other, share information," Stacia says of the value of the Facebook groups. "Even Grand Design employees participate in those things as well. I find that really smart and really interesting and really helpful."

Overall, Dean says they greatly enjoyed being a part of the GDRV family.

"Grand Design, they've been great to us," Dean says. "We've never had a problem with the 337. It's been great to us. No complaints but the Solitude is going to be great for us for a long time."

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