I don’t think the floor plan could be any better: Imagine 2600RB Testimonial

“It’s perfect. Wouldn’t own another brand. It’s Grand Design for life.”

Those are the words of Marque Jacobs who owns a 2017 Grand Design RV Imagine 2600RB with her husband Chuck.

“For a trailer of its size and its price point, I don’t think the floor plan could be any better and I think the utilitarian use of it, is extremely good,” Chuck says. “It’s big enough to live in and small enough to still get around.”

Chuck & Marque say the 30-foot size of the 2600RB is just what they need as they travel part-time.

“We’re not full-time, we still have a house, we are out quite a bit,” Chuck explains. “For someone traveling especially part-time—the size, the towability—it lines up to be a good trailer all around for what we do.”

The couple once owned a 5th wheel and traveled all around the country but gave up RVing for a little bit when Chuck returned to work after retiring ‘the first time.’ When they returned to Rving, they ended up with another brand and a unit that was just too small for them.

“A friend of ours bought a 2600,” Marque said of what got them turned onto Grand Design. “We walked over to visit them, walked inside of hers and fell in love. It’s the only Grand Design we’ve looked at and we bought it like a week later and love it.”

“We’ve talked to other people that had the ex-brand we had before and they’ve bought Grand Design and they say they are not going back. Why would you? You have the top of the line. Even though we don’t own a great big Momentum or anything--it’s just the two of us and a dog--we don’t need much more. This is home.”

We met Marque and Chuck at the Las Vegas Grand Design Owners Rally in March. They say they’ve also loved the people they’ve gotten to know as Grand Design owners.

“We have met some of the nicest people with Grand Design right down from Jim & Carrie Hudson, the wagonmasters at the rallies we’ve been to, other people that own Grand Design,” Marque says. “Everybody loves these things.”

You can learn more about the Grand Design Imagine 2600RB including check out floorplans, specs & features and a gallery by clicking here.