Find Your Independence with New RV Lifestyle Book “Unlocating”


Whether you dream of hitting the road for good or just want to shake up your life and start over, the new RV lifestyle book Unlocating is a great way to get started.

RV lifestyle book


Learn to think differently, create a life you love.

In this humorous but helpful look at the highlights of living like a nomad, full-time traveler Margie Lundy demonstrates that living this way isn’t just for Millenials or retired senior citizens.

Lundy Family Shares Tips in New RV Lifestyle Book

When a family has been full-time RVing for ten years, they have valuable nuggets of wisdom to share. So if you have been considering a move to full-time RVing for a while but aren’t sure it’s do-able, pay attention. Margie’s RV lifestyle book provides important information you need to make a smart, informed leap of faith.

Lundy Family RV Lifestyle Experts Margie and Allen raised three kids on the road.

“This is not a how-to book, but more of a why-to,” explains Margie. In her 136-page RV lifestyle book, the wife and mother to three children shares her quirky thoughts and helpful ideas about why the process of “Unlocating” might be the answer to creating a stronger bond with your family, enjoying more of what you enjoy doing (or want to learn how to do) and ultimately creating a more well-balanced life.

What is “Unlocating?”

Simply put, unlocating is the process of living life in a way that is probably different from your friends and family, but makes you happy. Unlocating is thinking outside conventional rules for raising kids, choosing how and where to live, what to buy, who and where to worship, and so much more.

“You don’t have to live in a house, go to school, work a traditional job, fill up your calendar, eat how you were raised to eat, only have friends in your local area, attend a local church, keep attached to the grid all the time, grow or hunt your own food the traditional way, or do anything the way your neighbor does it.

Or how you were raised to do it. Or how your family expects you to do it.

Or even how you think you should do it.

You don’t have to be limited. You can live the way you WANT to live. You can have that freedom.” – Margie Lundy, Unlocating

Raised with the Nomad Life

Full-time RV tips book The Lundy’s have been nomads for 10 years.

Some people might be quick to assume that the Lundy family came from solid left-coast hippie stock, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Margie’s All-American, church-going close-knit tribe consists of her husband Allen, sons Josh and Matt and daughter Lizzie. The three children were raised and educated on the road like many other full-time RVing families are doing today. And contrary to what some unassuming people may have assumed about how the lifestyle would affect them, all three kids grew into smart and independent young adults.

Unlocating goes into great detail about the Lundy family’s years on the road, how the kids learned about the world from real-life experience and how the nomadic life helped them become the fearless adventurers they are today.

How to Make the Life You Love

They live and work wherever they please.

In addition to the book’s roadschooling and family life details, Unlocating also has valuable chapters about how to:

  • Free up time to pursue your interests and build better bonds
  • Work from home and generate an income that doesn’t eat up all your waking hours
  • Eat healthier and get more exercise to build a more resilient body
  • Make the most of dry camping and using your RV to its potential
  • and most importantly, how to think independently so that you don’t let life slip by without following your dreams.

“Life really can be simple and there’s great freedom in that. You are not limited to what you have or think you can have. If you don’t have something you want, make a plan to get it. If there’s something you want to change, make a plan to change it. You may need to undo everything you think, but that will bring you the freedom you desire. And that freedom is not one day having more money, time, health, travel, fulfillment, adventure, family, influence, education, or faith. True freedom is realizing you can have all of those right now, if you just rethink everything.”

Unlocating by Margie Lundy is available in both paperback and e-book on Amazon.

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