2018 Imagine 2800BH Screws falling off

Left side of slide, screw fell of when i touched it
right side of slide, screw completely missing

Can someone explain to me how after 2 years my 2800BH feels like its falling apart?

not to mention our first trip with it our black water tank vavle seized shut,

Bathroom door hasnt been square since we bought it.

The temp control started to go crazy and change the temp without anyone touching it.

Everyone keeps telling me to take it to service, its been there multiple times since we bought it, and when it does go in...... it stays there for weeks, so ya no thanks

I just wished these RV manufactures used better material and craftsmanship

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RV’s need constant attention to keep running right. Every trip something needs to be fixed. Road vibration will rattle screws loose and new valves may need some break-in period before operating smoothly. I agree they could use some better hardware and some self locking nuts to keep things tight. But there is a balance between cost and weight. So, if you just keep some basic tools like a screwdriver and a can of spray lube on hand you can deal with most issues before they become a problem.