RV Trip Wizard Introduces ‘Fixed Date’ Feature


RV Trip Wizard recently launched a new Fixed Date feature. This new feature allows you to enter and lock in specific dates when planning your RV route.

The ability to lock in a specific date to create a fixed arrival target has long been requested by avid RVers. Now, when adding campgrounds and other stops to a trip, you can lock in specific dates on the calendar. RV Trip Wizard will then show you how many nights remain to reach your destination at the appointed time. If the dates for your event change, simply unlock the fixed date and alter the date range. You can even lock multiple fixed dates, or choose not to lock any dates at all.

RV Trip Wizard Fixed Dates

The new Fixed Date features shows you how many nights remain

Now, a family in Chicago looking to spend a few days in Myrtle Beach can know exactly how many nights they need to camp in order to reach their destination on the appointed day. As each new entry is added to their trip the number of Nights Available changes, making their trip planning even easier. They can add stops, subtract stops, or simply stay at certain campgrounds longer to account for each available night.

RV Trip Wizard Fixed Dates

Nights Available is automatically calculated and displayed as stops are added to the trip

Previous to this update, users would have to try and guess how many nights they had left until they arrived at a specific location or event, or fiddle with dates repeatedly until they all lined up. While this doesn’t sound too difficult for the weekend camper, RVers taking extended trips, often weeks or months at a time, were looking for a more convenient method.

RVers appreciate the update

The update was well received by RV Trip Wizard customers. Facebook user and RV Life member Janine was quoted:

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the fixed date function! That will help immensely!”

 As with any significant update or feature addition, a Speed Training video was created to help educate customers about the new feature. The new Fixed Date feature is explained on the RV Trip Wizard YouTube channel.

This feature enhancement follows closely on the heels of a recent announcement from RV LIFE stating that the RV LIFE GPS & Campground app is now included in the RV Trip Wizard annual subscription. That announcement was equally well-received, as it is not only a significant cost savings but brings together the two best tools in the RV trip planning genre.

Being able to plan your RV Trips in detail on a computer, laptop, or tablet and then access and navigate those trips with RV-safe directions on your mobile device has been a game changer for many RVers.

RV Trip Wizard is now part of RV LIFE Pro

RV Trip Wizard is part of a growing suite of tools badged as RV LIFE Pro and continues to set high standards for RV trip planning. New features are frequently added to RV Trip Wizard, many as a direct result of requests from their customers.

RV LIFE Tools That Make Camping Simple

More information

For more information on the RV LIFE app and other RV Trip Wizard features, visit RV LIFE. The complete RV Trip Wizard User Guide as available as well.

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