Grand Design Imagine Owners Michigan Weekend – May 18-20

What a wonderful weekend we had in Birch Run Michigan! Imagine Facebook administrators Jason, Brett and Rachel, along with their families and friends hosted a wonderful get together just minutes away from Frankenmuth MI, as well as General RV in Birch Run.

I arrived Friday evening. Had to wait for the kiddos to get out of school, then we packed up the car and headed out. I am pretty sure we packed for about a week…. but we never ran out of anything! When we got in to Birch Run, I stopped to get the necessities. Chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows! We went direct to the campground to join up with the group. What a relaxed setting. The campground itself was packed full of people enjoying the start of their weekend, but there were approximately 2 rows dedicated to nothing but Imagines… and the occasion Reflection and ONE Momentum…. (Jason….   ). Everyone was just settling in at the center of the action to have a big campfire. Good thing I brought those essentials!

We wrapped up the evening pretty early since it was a long ride to get up there… plus having to be back bright and early for a seminar, I wanted to make sure I got plenty of rest! We headed to our hotel and called it a night.

The next day I arrived on site with goodies in tow and prepared for a basic maintenance and product information Q/A seminar. There were some great questions that people asked! I think they may have even stumped me on one or two…   It was a pretty dreary day so when the seminar wrapped up we went over to General RV in Birch Run. They were hosting an event for the rally with hot dogs, hamburgers, all the fixins and a nice display of new GDRV units. Brynn and my mom came with me to the event and they just loved seeing all the floor-plans and options that the campers have. I am pretty sure Brynn wants one of each! Speaking of one of each… Brynn made new friends.

Two schnauzer pups joined in on the fun! I heard after the fact that a couple that was there for the Imagine get together…. with their Imagine… traded in for a Momentum! Huge thank you to General RV for the hospitality! It was nice seeing everyone enjoying themselves there.

The evening came and we headed back to the campground for the potluck dinner and prize package giveaways. General RV again hit it out of the park with some awesome giveaways and even the kiddos that were in attendance left with some fun things! We had another wonderful campfire get together where I was able to mingle with some owners and get to know people better. In all, it was a successful rally. A huge thank you to the administrators of the Imagine Owners Facebook page for putting it on! Until next year…..