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When it comes to tire safety, one of the best investments you can make is buying an RV TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). Originally, we were on the fence if this type of product would be worth it, considering the high cost.

However, we have changed our tune since living the RV lifestyle for over three years. We firmly believe an RV TPMS is one of the first safety items you should buy for your RV. Personally, ours has saved our bacon at least three times. It’s been fantastic to have a heads up about potential tire issues before a blowout happens!

What Is An RV TPMS?

An RV TPMS is a system that constantly monitors the pressure of your tires and notifies you of any air leaks or low and high pressure. Most systems will not only tell you your tire pressure, but each tires temperature as well.

The way a tire pressure monitoring system works is by measuring the air pressure in your tires via a sensor that you screw onto your tires valve stem. The sensor measures your pressure and transmits this information to a system in your truck or an app on your cell phone.

In addition, most RV TPMS devices will allow you to set certain parameters. For example, what your tire pressure should be and what pressure threshold you want to be notified about.

The Best: TireMinder A1AS

We recently upgraded to the A1AS and are extremely pleased with it! We had the A1A model for the past three years, and while it did its job, there was room for improvement. However, after having the A1AS model for three months now, we can safely say TireMinder has done a phenomenal job upgrading this TPMS. There isn’t one thing we don’t like about it.

Jason’s favorite feature is that you can view your tire pressure from your phone and the color display. Before, TireMinder only offered systems that would do one or the other, so the ability to have both is a big plus.

Additionally, the signal on this model is much better. We used to lose data from a tire occasionally and would have to reset it. This was even with a booster. With the A1AS, we haven’t lost signal to a single tire over the past three months.

Benefits and Features

The TireMinder A1AS is the newest TPMS system from the company. It’s the world’s first unified monitor and smartphone based RV TPMS. Additional features include:

  • Large 5.5″ Color Display
  • Simultaneously displays up to 22 tires
  • +/- 1 PSI accuracy from 0-199 PSI
  • Flexible stand to display monitor anywhere on your windshield
  • 3 -year warranty
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The Best Quality RV TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

The Best Quality RV TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

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TPMS Installation

Installing the Tireminder A1AS RV TPMS is extremely easy! You simply turn on the display, screw on a sensor, and then program the display to tell it which tire the sensor is on. Next, repeat for each tire and you’re good to go!

How to Buy a TireMinder TPMS

While you can find RV TPMS devices on Amazon, we’ve noticed the prices seem to fluctuate. Personally, we got ours from Innovation Tire. The delivery was fast and we love that they have install videos on their website for newbies.

Additionally, they offer free shipping in the US and a flat $30 shipping fee for Canada.

Lastly, if you purchase through their website you can get $20 off any TPMS by using the code “GETAWAY20“.

The Best: TireMinder A1AS RV TPMS

The TireMinder A1AS model is our top choice for the reasons listed above. We love that you can view your tire data from your phone and the color display.

Use code “GETAWAY20” for $20 off your TPMS

Runner Up: TireMinder Smart RV TPMS

The TireMinder Smart model is the first smartphone-based TPMS for RVs. For instance, it is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android Smart Devices. The included TireMinder Bluetooth Adapter converts standard 433Mhz transmitter data into a Bluetooth signal. In other words, you are able to view your tire pressure and temperature right from your phone.

The TireMinder Smart RV TPMS device on a green background

Use code “GETAWAY20” for $20 off your TPMS

Runner Up: TireMinder i10 RV TPMS

The TireMinder i10 model is a great budget-friendly option. This TPMS simultaneously displays up to 10 tires at once, automatically swapping between the front (truck) and rear (towable) vehicles.

The i10 RV TPMS device on a green background

Use code “GETAWAY20” for $20 off your TPMS

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, no matter what model you go with, you’re going to want to have an RV TPMS on your rig. Not only will you be safer rolling down the road, but you will have peace of mind. That one benefit alone is priceless!

Speaking of safety, have you read our article about Building Your Perfect RV Emergency Kit?

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