GDRV4Life Marketplace

Welcome to the GDRV4Life Marketplace. This area is an exclusive benefit for Grand Design registered owners to sell items related to camping and owning of Grand Design brands.

In order to submit an item for sale you must be a registered Grand Design owner (second owners allowed) and have an account with the website. Just registering with the website doesn't automatically make you an owner you must complete all the fields for your profile (about me section). Click this link to register and complete your profile REGISTER.

If you are a registered owner, you are eligible to post your personal items for sale on this site. All ads are subject to approval by Grand Design.

  • Currently RV's, and tow vehicles are not allowed to be posted.
  • All ads must have all the contact fields filled out.
  • All ads must include at least one image.
  • All ads must have at have a description which explains the item for sale, terms or the sale, and how you would like to be contacted to discuss the transaction.
  • Grand Design will not be held responsible for problems with transactions between people who submit ads and buyers.