Travel Trailer Set Up

  1. Position the RV as desired.
  2. Block the wheels securely to prevent the RV from moving.
  3. Level the RV (side-to-side).
  4. Unhook the 7-way wire harness/connector plug, safety chains and breakaway switch lanyard.
  5. Install the tounge jack foot.
  6. Release the weight distributing bars (customer supplied).
  7. Open the tongue jack coupler hatch.
  8. Make sure the power tongue jack is hooked to 12-volt power and turned ON, then use the tongue jack RET/EXT control button to raise the travel trailer tongue above the hitch ball.
  9. Level the RV (front-to-back) with the power tongue jack.
  10. Lower the stabilizing jacks onto blocks until they firmly engage. Be sure all 4 jacks have about the same pressure on them as to not put the unit in a twist. Doing so can cause slide-outs doors, etc. to bind and/or operate intermittently.
  11. Pull the tow vehicle away, as desired.

Once the RV is stabilized, continue setting up the RV by connecting to the site facilities, extending the slideouts, etc., according to your personal preferences and needs. There is no particular order to set up procedures and with practice you will find the order that is the most effecient for your needs.