Travel Trailer Hitching Procedure

The following procedure will help you to assist you in securely hooking up your RV to your tow vehicle;

  1. Make sure the RV wheels are blocked.
  2. Make sure the power tongue jack is hooked to 12-volt power and turned ON, then use the tongue jack RET/EXT control button to raise the travel trailer tongue above the hitch ball.
  3. Open the coupler latch on the travel trailer hitch.
  4. Back the tow vehicle into the proper position.
  5. Use the tongue jack RET/EXT button to lower the power tongue jack coupler onto the tow vehicle hitch ball.
  6. Close the coupler latch after it is completely seated and install the safety pin.
  7. Install the (customer supplied) weight distributing bars (also referred to as "equalizers") as directed by the OEM.
  8. Remove the tongue jack foot, and retract the tongue jack to its maximum height.
  9. Attach the breakaway switch cable to the tow vehicle.
  10. Attach the safety chains.
  11. Plug your trailer 7-way wire harness/connector plug to the tow vehicle and secure in the travel position.
  12. Walk around the RV to verify the exterior lights are working correctly.
  13. Remove the trailer wheel blocks.