Hitch Weight & Hitch Ball

To determine your RV hitch height, make sure the RV is level. When the loaded trailer is hitched to the tow vehicle, check the hitch ball height by measuring the distance from the center of the hitch ball to the ground.

Adjust the equalizing bars of the hitch assembly so that the tow vehicle and the RV are essentially level. A high hitch will transfer weight behinf the axels and cause the RV to fishtail. A low hitch will transfer additional weight to the hitch.

Depending on your floor plan, your required travel trailer hitch ball diameter is either 2" or 2-5/16" (the required hitch ball size is stamped on the hitch coupler).

Refer to the manufacturer instructions to adjust the weight-distributing hitch to the proper height. If you have additional questions, consult with your dealer.