Schwintek In-Wall Slide-Out

If the Schwintek InWall slideout does not extend or retract, follow these steps to override the system (It will be easier if you have one or more persons to assist you):

Typical Schwintek In-wall slide-system slide controller, generally located in the front pass-through storage area (bedroom slide) or near the living area slide(s) inside a cabinet.

Electronic manual override (for board revision C1 and newer): 

  1. Locate the circuit board.
  2. Press the "mode button" six (6) times quickly, press a seventh (7) time and hold for approximately five (5) seconds.
  3. The RED and GREEN LED lghts will begin to flash, confirming the override mode.
  4. Release the "mode" button.
  5. Back inside the RV, press and hold the Slide Room 2 swith "IN" button until the room comes completely in.

Manually push the slide room in override

  1. Locate the circuit board.
  2. Unplug both motors from circuit board (this releases the motor brake).
  3. Push or pull slide room in as desired:

a. Larger rooms may require several people to push.

b. Keep both slides of room relatively even.

4. When the bedroom slide is completely in, plug both the motors back into the control board (this applies the motor brakre for road travel).