Obtaining Warranty Service

Warranty service must be obtained:

  • WITHIN a reasonable time after the discovery of a defect, and 
  • BEFORE the applicable warranty period expires.

To help your dealer provide you the best level of service, please do the following:
Call Ahead

It is best to have your service performed several weeks before you plan to use your RV. Your dealer may need some time to get you in their schedule. Most service departments are the busiest on Mondays, Fridays and before holidays.

Be Prepared

Keep your warranty and service history paperwork available. Past repairs and maintenance records mau help the service technichicans diagnose a current issue. 

Make a list

Provide the dealer a prioritized list of all repairs needed. If you need your RV returned by a specific date, discuss this with the dealer''s service management. A second appointment may be required to complete lower priority list items or if parts need to be ordered.

While Waiting

If possible, drop off your RV. Usually, customers cannot watch as repair work is preformed. A shop's insurance may even require that customers not be allowed in the service area. 

Inspect the work performed

Inspect all reapirs thoroughly. Notify the dealer's service manager of any dissatisfaction right away. 

  • If you cannot immediately return your RV for repair, make an appointment to return as soon as possible.
  • If a problem re-occurs after leaving the dealership, contact the dealer's service manager and Grand Design RV Customer Support, to qucikly resolve the issue.