Dealer Responsibilities

When you buy your new RV, at the time of purchase, your dealer is expected to: 

1. Deliver your RV in the best condition possible.

         Your RV must pass the dealer's Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). This inspection tests all systems and components.

2. Provide an orientation, familiarizing you with your new RV and how to operate all systems and components.

3. Review iwth you, and explain the provisions of the Limited Base Warranty and Limited Structural Warranty.

4. Send your completed Warranty Registration and New Vehicle PDI Check List to Grand Design RV.

  • This form is requirred within 30 days of your delivery date to activate your warranty coverage. 

5. Ensure that you receive a complete Owner Information Package. Assist you with all component manufacturer warranty registrations (ie, locating the model and serial numbers of components as needed). 

6. Explain how to obtain local and out-of-town service for your RV, and its (separately warranted) components, including repairs NOT under warranty. 

7. Service all Grand Design RV products.