Calculating Propane Usage

It is important to remember that (if applicable) your furnace, refrigerator, water heater and range all may use propane to operate. Each has a different BTU rating, and you will need to consider them to determine how long your propane supply will last. Most RV gas appliances are operated intermittently. Propane consumption depends on individiual use of appliances and the length of time operated. Unless there is a heavy use of hot water, the water heater consumption of propane is minimal. During cool temperature or high wind conditions, furnace consumption can be extremely high.


To calculate your propane supply, take the BTU ratings for your propane appliances and divide that into the BTU availability. Each gallon of propane (3.86 liters) produces about 91,500 BTU's (46,514 Kilojoules) of heat energy. 

The following chart provides average propane consumption information.