Wheel Nut Torque

Torque is the amount of rotating force applied to a fastener, such as a lug nut. The axle and wheel assemblies of your RV are designed differently than those on your car. The overall size, weight and center of gravity of a RV subject the wheels to pressure unique to trailing. During normal cornering, the tires and wheels experience a considerable amount of stress called "side-load". Therefore, the lug nuts on your RV require periodic torque maintenance. Lug Nut torque at every wheel should be checked before departing on any trip, regardless of how short it may be. Always use a properly calibrated torque wrench to confirm proper torque. Do not allow under or over torque on any wheel. 


  • Match the chart to the wheel size installed on the RV to determind the correct torque for each stage.
  • Tightening and fasteners should be done in stages, using the sequence shown in the chart.