Cargo Capacities

Cargo can be added to the vehicle, up to the maximum weight specified on the placard. The combined weight of the cargo is provided as a single number. In any case, remember the total weight of a fully loaded RV cannot exceed the stated GVWR.

Water and propane also need to be considered:

  • The weight of fully filled propane containers is considered part of the weight of the RV before it is loaded with cargo and is not considered part of the disposable cargo load.
  • Water however, is a cargo weight and is treated as such. If there is a fresh water storage tank of 100 gallons, this tank when filled would weigh about 800 pounds. 

If more cargo is being transported, water can be off-loaded to keep the total amount of cargo added to the vehicle within the limits of the GVWR so as not to overload the RV. Understanding this felxibility will allow you, the owner, to make choices to that fit your travel and camping needs.

You may question the total weight capacity of the tires on your RV being less than the GVWR; this is correct. In order to calculate the actual weight of the RV tires, it is necessary to include the tongue weight. The tongue weight is actually being carried by your tow vehicle, not the RV tires.

If you have further questions, please contact your dealer or Grand Design RV Customer Service.