Fire Safety

Please AVOID the three most common Fire Safety issues: smoking in bed, leaving children unattended and use of flammable cleaning fluids/solvents.

• In a fire emergency, EVACUATE the RV first, then call 911 from a safe location.

• In a fire emergency, execute your Family Safety Plan.

• Make sure everyone knows to Stop, Drop & Roll if their clothes catch fire.

- Stop in place, do not run.

- Drop to the ground.

- Roll back and forth, with hands shielding face from the fire.

• Supervise children around any open flame, especially grills, and campfires.

• Learn and teach safe fire practices. Build campfires away from nearby trees or bushes.

• Maintain at least a three-foot clear area around grills, campfires and tents, that is free of leaves, dry grass, pine needles, etc.

• ALWAYS have a way to quickly and completely extinguish a campfire ready in advance. NEVER leave a fire burning unattended, even a cigarette.

• Teach family members how to use the fire extinguisher and replace it as recommended.

• DO NOT store combustible materials in closed areas or near a heat source.

• DO NOT use water to put out a grease fire.

Water can spread some types of fire and create an electrocution hazard during an electrical fire.

• ALWAYS call the Fire Department, No matter how small the fire.

More information on firefighting can be found at the National Fire Protection Association website (