Family Safety Plan

Develop a Family Safety Plan to use in case of an emergency or severe weather condition. Practice it with your entire family, especially children.

• Before camping, please review and understand the locations of all doors, emergency exit windows, and safety equipment inside your RV.

• Teach everyone what the RV safety alarm signals mean and how to be prepared to leave the RV, by themselves if necessary.

• Draw a floor plan of your RV and find two ways to exit.

There should be at least one way to get out of your RV without opening the door.

• Teach everyone how to check doors (and to not open them if they are hot). Also teach everyone to stay low to try to avoid breathing smoke, fumes or gases.

• Decide on a meeting place a safe distance from your RV.

Make sure everyone understands to gather and wait there, in case family members are separated from one another in an emergency.

• Make sure everyone knows where to go to call the fire department or 911 from outside the RV.

• Conduct safety drills at least every six months.

Make sure everyone, guests included, knows how to evacuate the RV safely.

• Practice exiting the RV blindfolded; in a real fire situation, thick black smoke can make it impossible to see.

• Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as your family contact. Make sure everyone knows the contact person's name, address, phone number and email.

For additional safety precautions, Consult your local fire dept.