Emergency Egress Window

The Emergency Egress Window (or exit window) is your secondary exit, if the RV's entrance door becomes blocked or unavailable. All egress windows are marked with an EXIT label (right) and have red handles or levers. Depending upon the window type, an egress window may be a large section or an entire window. Learn and practice how to open and operate the egress window before an emergency occurs:

• When pulling into your campsite, make sure the egress windows are not blocked by trees or other obstacles.

• Also check that below each egress window the ground is solid and the escape path is clear.

• Review the egress window locations and how to operate them with all people staying in the RV.

• Plan escape routes from the front and rear of the RV.

• Decide who will exit through the emergency escape windows first, and in what position.

• Place a blanket or heavy coat over the window frame to cushion the exit.

• If there is a fire, the last person to exit the RV should be prepared to assist those in front.

• Arrange for a meeting place safely away from the RV.


• To prevent the seals from sticking, OPEN and CLOSE your Emergency Egress Window(s) each trip.

• During transit the Egress Window(s) must be locked.