Lippert Electrical Slideout System

The Lippert electric slideout system is a rack and pinion guide system, utilizing a drive gear system to move the room assembly. The motor drives the gear that is engaged with the rack under the inner tube to drive the slide room in and out. The motor comes equipped with an automatic clutching system. The Lippert electric slideout system is designed to operate as a negative ground system.

Manual Operation

The Lippert electric slideout system comes with a manual override. Locate the crank extension located outside of the chassis main rail on the opposite side of the slide room. (There will be an access hole in the exterior RV skirt metal to allow insertion of the crank handle). Simply take the crank handle and rotate it clockwise to retract and counter-clockwise to extend the slideout room.

It is important that you DO NOT need to attempt to disengage the motor as the actuator is "manual ready". Just hook up and crank. Use EXTREME  CAUTION when extending and/or retracting the room using the manual override feature. It is possible to operate the slideout beyond the maximum extension and/or retraction and damage the slide components, slide room structure or trim components.


It is recommended that when operating the Lippert electric slideout system in harsh environments (i.e., road salt, ice buildup, etc.) that the moving parts be kept clean by washing them as needed with mild soap and water. No grease pr lubrication is necessary, and in some situation may be detrimental to the environment and the long-term dependability of the slideout system.

For optimal performance, the slideout system rerquires full auxiliary battery current and voltage. The auxiliary battery must be maintained at a full capacity. Other than good maintenance, check the terminals and connections at the battery, the control switch, and the electric actuator motor for corrosion, and loose or damaged terminals. Since these connections are subject to damage from road debris, be sure they are in good condition. 

Although the system is designed to be almost maintenance free, actuate the room once or twice a month to keep the seals and internal moving parts lubricated. Check for any visible signs oe external damage after and before movement of the RV.

Service and adjustments

All slideout room adjustments must be performed by RV certified service technicians. Adjustments by non-certified persons may void any and all warranty claims.