Connecting the Power Cord

Always test the external power source (i.e., the campsite power receptacle or electrical box) with a ground monitor before connecting your power cord to it. If the ground monitor indicates 'reverse polarity' or an 'open ground' DO NOT connect the power cord.

  1. Turn "off" the load center main 120-volt circuit breaker.
  2. Carefully extend the entire length of the power cord from the electrical cable hatch to the external power source.
  3. Plug the power cord into the receptacle. Be sure all the power cord prongs are properly plugged into the receptacle.
  4. Return to your RV and turn "on" the load center main circuit breaker. 
  5. To help prevent power surges from damaging the connected loads, please follow these next instructions when hooking up to the external power source:

The shore line power cord should be unplugged when the RV is left unattended. If something would happen to the electrical system, this may help limit potential damage.

When you are ready to leave, reverse the power cord connection process. Use care to prevent damaging the power cord electrical connection pins when connecting or disconnecting the shore line power cord. Grasp the plug to remove the power cord from the outlet; do not unplug it by pulling on the cord.


Inspect the power cord for cuts, cracks or worn insulation. Have the power cord replaced immediately if these symptoms are noticed.