120-Volt Circuit Breakers

The 120-volt AC circuit breakers located located inside the main load center protect all 120-volt wiring and components in the RV from the circuit overloads and short circuits. Should a circuit overload or short circuit occer the circuit breaker protecting the affected circuit will "trip" preventing the flow of electricity through that circuit.

If a circuit breaker trips, shut "off" the appliance on that circuit (i.e., power converter etc.) and allow the circuit breaker to cool down for a brief period of time. After the cooling down period, reset the circuit breaker by moving its lever "off" and then back to the "on" position. If the circuit breaker re-trips or frequently trips, contact your dealer to have the elecrical problem diagnosed and repaired.

Maintenance and Replacement

A circuit breaker identification label is permanently attached to the inside surface of the 120-volt load center. At the beginning of camping season, inspect the circuit breakers and replace as needed. Test by turning each circuit breaker "off" and back "on". Circuit breakers are wearable parts and must be replaced as needed, as part of you RV maintenance. If you have any questions, consult your dealer.